Welcome to Onkaparinga Compassionate Communities Collaborative (OCCC)

A project of Healthy Cities Onkaparinga and Southern Vales Compassionate Communities.

Supported by funding from SA Health through the Palliative Care 2022 Grants Program.

Introducing the OCCC Project

The Onkaparinga Compassionate Communities Collaborative (OCCC) is a one-year Project conceived by Healthy Cities Onkaparinga and the Southern Vales Compassionate Communities and funded by the Department of Health and Wellbeing through the 2022 Palliative Care Grants Program Round.

The Vision for OCCC

Is for Onkaparinga to be recognised as a Compassionate Community where people feel supported to live and die well in accordance with their wishes, feel supported at times of grief and loss and have information and confidence to make choices about end-of-life experience and care.

The Mission for OCCC

Is to establish and grow the Onkaparinga Compassionate Communities Collaborative (OCCC) to become an independent, sustainable, incorporated community-based organisation providing governance, support and strategic direction to five local Compassionate Communities (CCs). The OCCC, along with the CCs, will work to achieve the vision through collaborative, creative, respectful, inclusive and co-designed community-based activities.

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What are Compassionate Communities?

Compassionate Communities are defined as “naturally occurring networks of support in neighbourhoods and communities, surrounding those experiencing death, dying, caregiving, loss and bereavement.”
Abel, J, Kellehear, A and Karapliagou, A, ‘Palliative care – the new essentials’, Annals of Palliative Medicine 7(Suppl 2) (2018)


They are communities where “citizens are encouraged to engage and become more informed about death, dying and care and adapt their practices and behaviour to be active in supporting those at end of life.”
Groundswell Project, ‘What is a Compassionate Community?’ Compassionate Communities Hub (2018) accessed at comcomhub.com/learn-more

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